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Horse Care and Management.

Horse Care and Management.

Covering all aspects of horse care and stable management this book acts as a textbook for students taking BHS, ABRS and NVQ examinations. Fully illustrated with line drawings and photographs and a useful glossary of equine terms.

Author: Christine Stafford and Robert Oliver.

Publisher: J A Allen.

Paperback. 206pp. 16cm by 23cm.

ISBN 9780851315379

Original Price: £10.95.

Price:    3.99 

My Horse Told Me.

My Horse Told Me.

Horse communication and being able to understand what your horse is trying to say will provide a deeper insight into what it actually needs to enjoy overall wellbeing of body and soul. Learn to see how a horse uses different parts of its body to communicate, and what it means.

Author:Daniela Bolze.

Publisher: Cadmos.

Paperback.128pp. 17cm by 24cm.

ISBN-13: 9780857880130

Original Price: £19.99.

Price:    3.99