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Sport and Leisure - General

British and Irish Lions.

British and Irish Lions.

Hundreds of players have worn the coveted red jersey and this book singles out the very best of them and profiles each one and includes Willie John McBride, Gareth Davies, David Duckham, Barry John, Brian O'Driscoll, Martin Johnson and Jonny Wilkinson.

Author: Liam McCann.

Publisher: Demand Media.

Hardback. 144pp. 22cm by 22cm.

ISBN 9781909217294

Price:    4.99 

Complete Guide to Carp Fishing.

Complete Guide to Carp Fishing.

Drawing on decades of experience from Fox's team of carp consultants, this book is an invaluable guide to carp fishing. Offering clear, detailed advice and packed with step-by-step sequences and illustrations it will help you catch more carp than ever before.

Publisher: Ebury.

Paperback. 243pp. 21cm by 29cm.

ISBN-13: 9780091957636

Original Price: £17.99.

Price:    4.99 

Flies That Catch Trout.

Flies That Catch Trout.

A collection of fly patterns and their stories that will inspire confidence and help anglers of all ages and abilities. Many are well known, others are almost forgotten and others are from all corners of the world.

Author: Terry Lawton.

Publisher: Robert Hale.

Paperback. 239pp. 18cm by 24cm.

ISBN 9780709092124.

Original Price: £14.99.

Price:    6.99 

Little Book Fly Fishing for Trout.

Little Book Fly Fishing for Trout.

An invaluable guide that takes you through the essentials of casting a fly successfully for trout in the British Isles, from recognition, watercraft, etymology and the fish's world through to tackle choice and tactics.

Author: Richard Duplock & Chris Newton.

Publisher: G2 Entertainment.

Hardback. 96pp. 15cm by 15cm.

ISBN 9781782812043

Original Price: £9.99.

Price:    2.99 

River Carping.

River Carping.

A guide to running-water carp fishing with sections on tactics, tackle, choosing the ideal location, section-by-section breakdowns of several rivers and fishing secrets of the country's top carp fishermen.

Author: Neil Wayte.

Publisher: Crowood.

Hardback. 175pp. 19cm by 25cm.

ISBN 9781861263780

Original Price: £19.95.

Price:    7.99